AEON distributes all types of spares for a wide variety of aircraft and aero engines in the aviation industry


Aerospatiale British Aerospace
Embraer Grumman
McDonnell Douglas Piper
Beechcraft Bell
Cessna Convair
Enstrom Fairchild
Hughes Lear Jet
Mitsubishi Mooney
Rockwell Sikorsky

Aero Engines

General Electric
Rolls Royce

Aviation Materials and Chemicals

AEON provides its customers with full range of alloy materials and requisite chemicals conforming to the aviation standards. The material provisioning is as per the required material specification of the customer.

Apart from the standard sizes, the raw material can also be ordered as customized dimensions. The material can be resized to customer requirements in aerospace standard certified affiliated machine shops.

Alloy Sheets Aerospace Chemicals
Alloy Pipes Adhesive
Alloy Rods Sealants
Alloy Bars Paints

Aerospace Standard Hardware Spares

AEON is a well-known global distributor of standard hardware materials to aerospace manufacturers, maintenance centers, airlines and high-tech industries.

Ball Cam Followers Flanged Journal
Miniatures illow-Blocks Retaining Rings Rod-Ends
Rollers Sleeve Retaining Rings Tapered
Thrust Adaptors Ball Ends Barrels
Bolts Boots Brackets Bushings
Cables Caps Catches Chains
Clamps Clevis Clips Collars
Cotter Pins Couplings Eyelets Flanges
Gaskets Grommets Guards Hinges
Holders Hooks Inserts Jumpers
Keys Knobs Latches Locknuts
Lock Rings Locks Lock Wire Nuts
Pins O-Rings Gang-Channel Packings
Plugs Protective Caps Protective Closures Pulleys
Receptacles Retaining Pins Rings Rivets
Scrapers Screws Seals Shackles
Shafts Sleeves Slings Snaps
Snapslides Spacers Splicers Springs
Straps Studs Terminals Thimbles
Tubings Turnbuckles Universal Joints Washers
Wire Cables      

Aerospace GHE / GSE

AEON currently provides customers with a wide variety of standard / custom made Ground support / handling equipment for smooth conduct of daily operations.

AEON strives to fulfill the tools/testers requirement of the aviation industry by providing quality tools of some of the most renowned tools manufacturing companies.

Apart from the standard tools, AEON also deals in special tools from a wide variety of vendors for process specific requirements of the customers, moreover special tools can also be manufactured from certified companies to meet the requirements provided by the customers.

The GHE / GSEproducts being offered are   

Crimp/Wring Tools
Insertion Tools
Maintenance Tools
Power Tools
Removal Tools
Test Stands
Special Tools

Aerospace Avionics / Electrical Parts

AEON currently supplies a wide range of avionics and electrical equipment to meet the customer requirements.

There is a huge database available of these components to meet the customer requirements. From small bits and pieces like fuses and capacitors to complete LRUs can be made available as per customer requirements. Wide range of products in this category are appended below.

Actuators Blocks Couplers
Boards Splicers Diodes
Chokes Resistors Fuses
Clamps Probes Insulators
Controllers Pilot Tubes Jumpers
Crystals Motors Lights
Filters Lamps Oscillators
Heat Sinks Jacks Plugs
Invertors Inductors Receptacles
Lampholders Fuse Holders Semi-Cond
Microcircuits Dials Sockets
Panels Convertors Thermocples
Power Supplies Coils Transistors
Relays Circuit Boards Wire
Sheilding Buss-Bars Batteries
Terminals Amplifiers Capacitors
Timers Antennas Circuit Breakers
Tubes Cables Contacts
Waveguides Wrap/Ties Cover
Transformers Connectors Discharges

Third Party Diligence

AEON has on its panel over 250 qualified/experienced personal for independent due diligence of products to the satisfaction of the customer in the field of Aviation, Defense, Marine, Industrial and Power Generation.

Inspections of dedicated test equipment, plants and machinery mainly due to vast variety and stringent specification are carried out by domain experts or dove tailed with training of individuals thereby ensuring inspection by trained personnel, security of information and user confidence.


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