Welcome To AEON

At Aeon Enterprise, we focus on two things: aircraft parts and the people who need them. We are suppliers of materials such as standard hardware, raw and semi-finished metal products and materials, consumables, chemicals and composites to the aerospaceindustry, MROs and airlines. AEON Enterprise is committed to carrying the most comprehensive inventory of aviation spares in the world, for owners and operators of all types of aircraft. From avionics and brakes to landing gear and windows, we efficiently deliver high-quality parts at low prices that keep our customers coming back.With global shipping capabilities, our staff serves with an expert understanding of aviation parts and the needs of our customers.

Advantages For AEON Customers

  • All maintenance materials - standard hardware, raw and semi-finished materials, plastic parts, metal products, consumables, chemicals and composites - from one source.
  • Instant cash savings
    • no need to stock (inventory reduction)
    • no waste / scrap
    • no need to spend sourcing manpower for low cost items
    • no internal costs associated with multi-transaction handling
    • no need to spend multi-transportation costs
  • Small quantity ordering
  • Customized products, cut to length, just as needed
  • Avionics components and support availability
  • Experience in GSE / GHE manufacturing and distribution
  • Independent due diligence of products to the satisfaction of the customer


AEON is committed to the total support of the Aerospace and High Tech Industry aftermarkets and to meeting the challenges placed by customers...


AEON Enterprise is committed to provide superior value-added service. Service means prompt response to customer inquiries, enhanced...


AEON provides its customers with full range of Aero Engins,Spares,alloy materials and requisite chemicals conforming to the aviation ...